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"Since I joined Intervac my life has become so much richer. Every summer now I swap my house and take my husband and kids to a new country. You should try it out too."

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What a way to travel! Intervac isn't just a company - but a way of life that our founders discovered and pioneered. Since 1953 we have been leading the way facilitating home exchange between families, singles and retired people. Within the organization our national representatives work together and beyond country borders to make sure that you find the perfect exchange partner and that your holidays are stress-free and fun. Watch the video to get a quick glimpse of what Intervac can offer.

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Intervac turns sixty! Only Intervac can prove its full age!

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National Representatives

Kristina Caillaud is one of our dedicated representatives. She is responsible for our members in France. Who is the representative in your country?

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