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That's Home Exchange!

60th Anniversary Facebook Competitions

That's Home Exchange! Photo Competition

Our members uploaded 3-5 of their best, funniest or most characteristic home exchange photos to the Intervac International Facebook page. Each photo included a short caption telling us why home exchange is the best way to travel. The judges focused less on image quality and much more on image content and pertinence to home exchange the Intervac way.

And The Winners Are...

PHOTO category was no doubt most popular with members who took part in Intervac 60th Anniversary competitions.

4 winners who get 1/2 YEAR INTERVAC 2013/14 MEMBERSHIPS are:

  • Julien Andreux, France
  • Guida Santos, Portugal (PTOC0710)
  • Gosia Maj, Poland (PL047)
  • Gitte Frende, Denmark (DK101206)

TRAVEL guides & albums go to:

  • Krystyna Stanisłąw Bogdanski, Poland (PL093)
  • Joanna Ossera, Poland (PL196)
  • Blasa Moro Martin, Spain
  • Inge Marie Hansen, Denmark (DK987225)

DISTINCTIONS go to: Marie Jedryka Andreux, Elena Diaz, Viviana Melo, Lucia Castelli, Lauren S.Kahn, Mauro Balili, Bea Froehlich and Petra Viberg

Congratulations to all of you ♥ Thank you for being such wonderful ambassadors of a home exchange idea All your photos & posts can be found on the Intervac Facebook fanpage. Do please contact your national organizors on how to collect the award.

That's Home Exchange! Film Competition

You made us laugh, you made us cry, but mostly you showed us the story of home exchange in your families. For this competition our members uploaded a 3-5 minute travelogue, family film: My Home Exchange to the Intervac International Facebook Page.

And The Winners Are...

1/2 ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP in the category FILM goes to dedicated Intervac Poland members Krystyna & Janusz Moszyński (PL025)

Congratulations! Thank you for being a fantastic Intervac ambassador and your contribution in crossing international cultural barriers ♥ 

That's Home Exchange! Story or Essay Competition

Remember the time...? For this competition our members told us all about their most memorable home exchange moments! We enjoyed reading all of your stories, your reports, your most memorable home-exchange experiences.

And The Winners Are...

60th Intervac anniversary competitions are over & here are the names of our winners!

3 best reports awarded with 1 YEAR 2013/14 MEMBERSHIP belong to:

  • Inge Marie & John Hansen, Denmark (DK987225)
  • Kurt & Gerda Schneider, Austria (AT92157)
  • Molina Hernandez family, Spain


  • Antoine Jean-Christophe, France (FR050552)
  • Zofia, Stanislaw Bogdanski, Poland (PL093)

Do please contact your national organizors on how to collect your award please. Your reports can be found on new Intervac website to be launched soon Congratulations!

Our Members Won Cool Prizes!

We are awarding 10 great prizes in each competition. Everything from free annual memberships to city sightseeing tours, train and plane tickets, family museum tickets and Disneyland/Legoland admission.


The best entries in each of the three competitions will be selected. In order to qualify for the prize, the winner must be/become an active Intervac member. Winners will be notified via email or Facebook and information will be displayed on Intervac International Facebook fanpage and official website.

The judge's decisions are final and prizes may not be exchanged.

Rules & Terms

Who Was Elegible To Participate?

The Intervac International 60th Anniversary competitions (the "competitions") are open to all participants, active or non-active INTERVAC members regardless of residence or citizenship, provided the laws of their jurisdiction allow participation.

One person may enter each competition only once.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must get your parent/guardian to upload entries on your behalf.


For entries in either the photo or film competition, please ensure that your Facebook profile is valid and operational. This is the principal means through which organisers will communicate with you.

When taking part in the story competition please ensure that the email address you are using is valid and operational. This is the principal means through which organisers will contact you.


Entries must be submitted between 1 July, 2012 - 15 March, 2013

Previously Published Material

You may submit previously published material to this competition provided the previous publication was under non-exclusive rights and you retain the right to make them available under the terms of this competition. We recommend that you disclose all previous publications when you submit the materials.

Consent and Copyright

The entrant must be the sole author and owner of the copyright. By entering your materials into the competition, you grant Intervac International the non-commrcial, non-exclusive right to use your materials for promotion of Intervac International in any media. The authors will be credited whenever possible. Entrants must not infringe on the privacy rights, copyright or other rights of any person. Anyone found infringing on others' copyright will be disqualified from the competition. The organisers do not bear any responsibility for copyright violations or infringements of intellectual property carried out by the participants.

Our Rights

Intervac International reserves the right to exclude entrants and withhold prizes for violating any of the above rules and terms. Should the quality of entries fall below the standard required we reserve the right not to award prizes. Intervac International reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions.

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